Leathers Building

We believe that innovative contemporary design can support and encourage community sustainability

This 30,000 square foot industrial warehouse, located in a predominately residential area, has been transformed into a neighborhood commercial center for Pulaski Heights. Renovated into a series of office, retail and studio spaces, the Leathers Building has become a community in its own right, home to many eclectic businesses. Former railroad platforms function as front porches for the businesses within, and thematically connect the building with Athens’ emerging Railroad Arts District.

The structure’s barrel-arch trusses were incorporated into and used as a guiding feature for creating subdivided spaces within the formerly open warehouse. The interval of the trusses creates well-scaled units, appropriate for the small businesses within. The creation of a public pedestrian realm for these many businesses involved the enlargement and adaptation of railroad platforms along the building. New steps, ramps, and planting beds together define the approach to the building, ensuring that the pedestrian experience is successful and unhindered by automobile infrastructure.