Prince Avenue Collection

We believe that innovative contemporary design can support and encourage community sustainability

Over the years, D.O.C. has completed several projects along the Prince Avenue corridor in Athens. These projects, which include both residential and commercial work, renovations and new infill, have helped to inform the neighborhood’s character. The contemporary and the historic mix here to create a unique and dynamic urban environment.

New infill houses take inspiration from historic working class cottages, reinterpreting the vernacular forms to create modern homes that complement the existing street fabric. A creative streetscaping solution on a wedge-shaped lot creates a distinct neighborhood gateway. Historic structures such as old storefronts and historic homes were carefully renovated and adapted, allowing them to continue not just as museum pieces, but as active contributors to the life of the city. In each project, attention is paid to how existing strengths and architectural elements can be amplified and incorporated into new uses and forms.