We believe that innovative contemporary design can support and encourage community sustainability


As an architectural design-build firm, D.O.C. Unlimited enjoys the creative resolutions of design which occur through involvement in the construction process. From the very beginnings of design, all the way through to construction and occupancy, a sense of craftsmanship and an artisan-driven approach guide D.O.C. Services range from site selection and conceptual design to custom fabrication of site furnishings. Careful attention to performance considerations and a holistic approach ensures that regardless of project scope, D.O.C. will deliver a unique and well-crafted product.

Design Platform

The design process is always collaborative. The dialogue for design is driven by the primary goals the project is hoping to achieve. The dialogue is an organic series of unfolding revelations of information which direct the flow of concentration, and ultimately, define the scope of work. The platform of that dialogue is created by the directions (project requirements and aesthetics) brought to the table by the client, and by the ideology of all the participants.